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Committee Information

Article 5, 5.1 of the SSF By-laws allows the Board of Directors to create committees and appoint members to perform tasks appropriate to the committees’ function. The membership will serve in an advisory capacity at the Boards Request and the Board will be responsible for the approval of recommendations submitted by the committees.

Architectural Review Board

This board approves or disapproves resident requests to make any exterior changes to their residence or property based on the HOA-approved ARB Guidelines. In some cases, they can work with the residents providing explanations as to how a request can be revised to get approval


Full list of current Committee Members can be found on the Frontsteps Resident Portal.

Contract Compliance & Oversight Committee

This committee assists the Board of Directors by reviewing outside vendor contracts to verify all reasonable expectations of SSF are listed in the contracts. In addition they are responsible to actively monitor each vendor's performance in meeting the standards and requirements of the contract.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee may assist the Treasurer with the preparation of the SSF Annual Budget. The Committee may also assist the BOD and Property Manager with any other finance related HOA tasks/projects. The Committee may also function as a liaison between Residents and the BOD for any financial related questions/concerns.

HOA Document Review Committee

This committee will advise and assist the Board of Directors by reviewing all HOA documents, one at a time, for updates and/or revisions necessary to bring our documents up to the current needs and times of 2021 and beyond. Their scope of work will be ongoing and long term. Ultimately their suggestions will be sent to the SSF Board of Directors for agreement, the HOA attorney for review and then on to the community for approval by vote.

Landscaping Committee

This committee assists the Board Of Directors in monitoring, planning and budgeting the community landscape. Their focus is to follow Florida Friendly practices and guidelines advising the selection of plantings based on color, height, longevity and seasonality.

Pond (ad Hoc) Committee

* Merged with Landscaping Committee (08/2022) The (ad Hoc) Pond Committee assisted the BOD in preparing an RFP (Request For Proposal) that was used to give potential vendors a basis to bid work for the remediation of the Southshore Falls Ponds.

Welcome/Lifestyle Committee

This committee extends the welcoming hand of friendship to all new residents of Southshore Falls and introduces them to the neighborhood community, Apollo Beach, and surrounding areas. In addition, they serve as a planning and sounding board for the lifestyle director and residents related to planning and execution of social events and ideas.

Maintenance and Advisory Committee

The Maintenance and Advisory Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and the Community Association Manager. Providing recommendations on aspects relating to facilities, maintenance, infrastructure and utilities at Southshore Falls. The Committee may undertake maintenance tasks that would otherwise be contracted-out to other companies provided that those tasks don’t require special licensing and shall assist the Contract Compliance and Oversight Committee and the Maintenance Supervisor in reviewing bid specifications and contractor estimates for larger maintenance issues or projects. They may also undertake special projects that enhance Southshore Falls.

Web Site Committee (Ad Hoc)