Southshore Falls


This website is for the benefit of all who live in Southshore Falls.

This website is for the benefit of all who live in Southshore Falls.  It is intended as a place where all residents can find information about our community – including financial information about the community, rules that govern our community and where everyone can have a useful, safe and friendly exchange of ideas and information.  While the Board, Property Managers and Committee members may subscribe to the various discussion groups on the site – questions, comments or discussions that you would like to have addressed directly by the Board, Property Managers or Committees should also be communicated directly to the Board, Property Manager or Committee.


These rules apply not only to postings in a general forum but also to direct communications sent through this website to the Management staff, Southshore Falls Board of Directors, Landscaping Vendors, or any other individual or organization with administrative access to this website.


This is not a place for public shaming or attacking of any other resident or staff member, no matter their place or role in the community.  This will be a NO TOLERANCE website and anyone breaking the rules will be immediately blocked from using the website, beyond the very basics that a non-resident would also be able to see.  This is not a place for private disputes which should be resolved elsewhere.


There will be no tolerance for discrimination of any type whether that be based on race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability.


There will be no political campaigning or conversation about elections, candidates or any other matters relating to elections of all types except in Discussion Groups which are specifically established for that purpose, to which residents can subscribe or not if they so wish.  General comments about dates of upcoming elections, location of polling places, details about early voting or voting by mail will be permitted.


No personal or private fundraising is permitted.  You may advocate support for disasters whether on a local, national or international level provided the benefit is not for a specific individual.


No ranting or inappropriate language will be allowed.  The overuse of uppercase letters and punctuation to make a point will not be acceptable.


There is a place for Classified Advertisements which will be free to all residents.  You may not post a Classified Advertisement on behalf of a non-resident.  The place for that is in our newsletter for which the individual will have to pay.  General postings offering services like pet sitting or house watching will be allowed.


Re-posting of private messages in any public forum will not be allowed.